The Park Med Spa came to be as an outgrowth of Dr. Miller’s experience over many years working with skin care, and lasers in conjunction with his busy Family Practice. He has prided himself with giving personalized care in a professional manner always with the patient in mind to achieve the best possible results.

To establish the Spa, Dr. Miller partnered with Marina Shepelevsky, an aesthetician with 30 years of experience who has developed a phenomenal reputation in NY for treating problem skin, in particular acne and aging skin. Together The Park Med Spa, in Highland Park, NJ, was established to create a very unique experience.  The goal is to give to the community the benefits of quality skin care by aestheticians and well trained medical professionals in a discreet, private setting.

The Spa has a state of the art laser which can address many skin problems including hair removal, skin tightening, photo damage, brown spots, melasma, telangiectasia, scar revision and acne.

Your experience at the Spa will include a free consultation, a non-hurried atmosphere and a fair price structure with the opportunity to benefit from special programs and promotions throughout the year.