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EMPOWER RF represents a breakthrough in women’s wellness, offering a non-invasive and non-surgical solution for various feminine health concerns. This innovative system uses a combination of radio-frequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technologies to address issues such as urinary incontinence, weakened pelvic floor muscles, vaginal atrophy and dryness, decreased libido, and painful intimacy. EMPOWER RF’s unique approach ensures that each treatment is specifically tailored to the individual needs and conditions of our clients, ensuring optimal outcomes. The procedure is designed to be comfortable, with no need for general anesthesia or large incisions commonly associated with surgical interventions.

When undergoing an EMPOWER RF treatment at The Park MedSpa in Highland Park, NJ, clients can expect a safe and effective experience focused on improving their functional health. Most treatment plans require 3-6 sessions, depending on the specific concerns, personal goals, and whether a combination or single treatment modality is chosen. During the treatment, a warm sensation is felt where the device is applied, with minimal discomfort. Downtime varies based on the therapy type but is generally minimal, allowing for a quick return to daily activities. At The Park MedSpa, we understand the importance of addressing these intimate health concerns, and our goal is to help you regain your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. Schedule a consultation and explore how EMPOWER RF can be tailored to your needs.

Benefits of EMPOWER RF

Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment

Customized to individual health needs

Minimal to no discomfort

Addresses a range of feminine health issues

Improves pelvic floor strength

Reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence

Enhances sexual health and libido

Minimal downtime required

Performed by trained professionals

FDA-approved for safety and efficacy


Ideal for women experiencing pelvic floor issues, urinary incontinence, or sexual health concerns.

Results vary but are typically noticeable after the first few sessions.

Result duration can vary; maintenance sessions might be required for prolonged benefits.

Downtime is minimal, with some patients experiencing mild discomfort post-treatment.

Follow any pre-treatment instructions and adhere to post-treatment care guidelines.

Expect a comfortable experience involving RF and EMS technologies with minimal discomfort.



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