Sublative RF Treatment


Sublative RF Treatment

In Highland Park, NJ

Sublative RF Treatment is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to address various skin concerns. This unique treatment effectively reduces moderate to severe acne scars across all skin types. What sets Sublative skin rejuvenation apart is its ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen production beneath the surface. The procedure involves using a Sublative RF applicator, which delivers bipolar radiofrequency energy to the skin through an array of multi-electrode pins. This fractional delivery creates microscopic zones of thermal treatment in both the epidermis and dermis, while surrounding untreated areas aid in the rapid and natural healing of the skin.

The Sublative RF treatment is known for its safety and efficacy for all skin types, providing substantial improvements with minimal side effects, discomfort, or downtime. Unlike laser or light-based therapies, Sublative RF Treatment uses fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency that targets the skin in a matrix form. This innovative approach ensures a balance between effective treatment and patient comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a non-invasive yet powerful solution for skin rejuvenation. Results can be seen progressively, with optimal outcomes appearing after several treatments. To discover the rejuvenating benefits of Sublative RF treatment and achieve a smoother, clearer complexion, book your appointment today at The Park MedSpa in Highland Park, NJ.

Benefits of Sublative RF Treatment:

Effectively reduces moderate to severe acne scars

Improves skin texture and tone

Stimulates new collagen production

Minimizes side effects and discomfort

Safe for all skin types

Non-laser, radiofrequency-based treatment

Minimally invasive with little to no downtime

Promotes rapid healing of the skin

Treats underlying layers of skin for deeper rejuvenation

Offers long-lasting results with continued improvement over time


Anyone looking to reduce acne scars and improve skin texture, regardless of skin type, is an ideal candidate.

Results are progressive, with noticeable improvements typically seen after a few treatments.

Results are long-lasting, especially when maintained with follow-up sessions as recommended.

There is minimal downtime, and side effects are typically mild, including slight redness or swelling.

Avoid sun exposure and follow specific skincare instructions your skincare professional provides before and after the treatment.

Expect a sensation of targeted energy delivery to the skin, which is generally well-tolerated, followed by a natural healing and rejuvenation period.



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