Men’s Skincare & why it’s important

: Men’s Skincare & why it’s important

Mens Facials by The Park Medspa in Highland Park, NJ

Want to look your best? Need a little boost of confidence, but have tried a new haircut already and nothing seems to be working? You’ve been overlooking skincare your whole life, but I’m here now and we’ll get through as to why taking care of your skin is not only vital, but also gives you a whole new look.

Discover a new you, Gain Confidence

Taking care of your skin is one of the biggest game changers. Instead of looking thick and oily or flakey and dry, you can look fresh and clean. And impress! Here’s a quick and easy way to get great skin.

  1. Visit a facial spa, get a consultation, even get a service, or just ask for advice! Estheticians are seasoned professionals and can help you understand what your skin needs.
  2. Too busy for the spa? Implement a home skincare routine (Of course asking an Esthetician would be best as the shops are full of marketable products that don’t really do anything. We can offer you the best products that actually give results.)
  3. You’ve googled a home skincare routine and found out its 16 steps? Don’t worry here are the most important steps for a busy guy: Cleanser (the most important step, this eliminates the dirt, sweat, and debris on your face and gives you a clean canvas.) Exfoliator (you can get an every day exfoliator or once a week, no matter which this step is crucial. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and clears out your pores. It’s what mostly improves your skins texture.) Moisturizer (this product will seal in moisture and make your skin healthy.) SPF (everyone needs this at the end of other products! The sun is the most damaging to the skin and needs to be respected. Wear sunscreen everyday even for a short car ride to protect your skin!)

You would be surprised at the before & afters!

When we provide services or even advice men on how to handle their skin, they come back to ask for more!

One of our recent clients who’d gotten a cleaning & Hydrafacial! His skin has never been so youthful and hydrated. He’s practically been reborn.




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