Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

In Highland Park, NJ

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a breakthrough treatment that harnesses the healing power of your own blood to rejuvenate and repair various areas of the body. This simple and efficient in-office procedure involves drawing a small amount of blood from the client, which is spun in a sterile centrifuge to separate the platelets from other blood cells. The resulting highly concentrated plasma is injected into the treatment area, stimulating the body’s reparative cells and promoting natural healing. PRP therapy is an all-natural solution, free from synthetic components, making it an appealing option for those seeking a holistic approach to rejuvenation and healing.

PRP therapy is versatile and effective for various treatments, including hair loss and skin rejuvenation. For hair restoration, PRP injections into the scalp can help decrease hair loss and promote new hair growth, even enhancing the results of hair transplants. Regarding skin rejuvenation, PRP is used to combat wrinkles, sun damage, and scars, boosting cell proliferation and increasing elastin and collagen production. This results in tighter, fuller, and smoother skin, especially when combined with treatments like microneedling. To experience the natural rejuvenating power of PRP therapy for yourself, book your appointment at The Park MedSpa today.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Men

Our PRP therapy harnesses the power of your own platelets to rejuvenate the skin and promote hair growth. This natural, cutting-edge treatment is excellent for men facing hair thinning or skin rejuvenation needs, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Benefits of PRP Therapy:

Natural healing using the body's own platelets.

Simple and efficient in-office procedure.

Minimal risk of side effects.

Effective for hair restoration and preventing hair loss.

Enhances skin rejuvenation and combats aging signs.

Increases collagen and elastin production.

Improves skin texture and tone.

Can be paired with other treatments for enhanced results.

Suitable for all skin types.

Long-lasting results with a series of treatments.


Individuals seeking natural treatment for hair loss or skin rejuvenation are ideal candidates.

Results can vary, but many patients notice improvements after several weeks, with optimal results appearing after multiple sessions.

Results are long-lasting, though periodic maintenance treatments may be recommended.

There is minimal downtime, and side effects generally include mild swelling or redness at the treatment site.

Avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements, and stay hydrated prior to the treatment.

Expect a blood draw, followed by centrifugation to prepare the PRP, and then injections into the treatment area, all performed in a comfortable, professional setting.



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