Skincare Travel Tips

With Spring Break around the corner and travelers seeking exciting new destinations, skincare routines get left behind. Included are some tips to modify your skincare for traveling.

Tip #1 – Prepare

Buy your favorite products in mini or travel size while planning, this gives you plenty of time to have them on hand at your new destination, or else you’ll be stuck rumbling through the local pharmacy for harsh products not suited to your skin. Or WORSE… using hotel soap to wash your face.

Tip #2 – HYDRATE

Congratulations you’re on your way! but did you moisturize?

Airplanes are cruel dry places for skin, apply more hydrating products with hyaluronic acid in them and lock it in with your thickest moisturizer. If you’re traveling by car make sure SPF is included in your routine that day. Pack a facial mist as well to be able to freshen up on the go!

– Also drink lots of water!

Tip #3 – Hands Off

Don’t touch your face! It’s hard and a habit most of us do, but while out and about in the world you are unexpectedly touching so many different things. All of that bacteria is collecting on your fingers and may clog your pores, developing into acne.

Tip #4 – Consistency

Once at your destination make sure you keep as close to your routine as possible. Your skin doesn’t need any more surprises. The goal is to adapt, not reinvent the wheel! You’ve got places to be and long nights to dance off, save energy to wash your face and hydrate it before bedtime. ALWAYS remove makeup!

Tip #5 – Be Safe

The safest tool in your toolbox of skincare is sunscreen. The sun is warm, inviting, and always has its sights on you, even in rainy days. However it is the number 1 thief of youth! Always play it safe and opt for a higher spf, like an spf 50. Don’t forget to reapply!

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