The Park Med Spa: The Ultimate Skincare Destination (JEWISH LINK)

It has been just three years since aesthetician Marina Shepelevsky and her husband, Dr. Arthur Miller, opened up The Park Med Spa in Highland Park, but it has already taken the community by storm. Clients are flocking to the establishment, with its state-of-the-art equipment and the latest treatments, to get the ultimate care for their skin.

Marina came to Highland Park with over three decades of experience from her aesthetician career, which started in Russia and Israel then saw her opening her own business in Brooklyn. It was there that she saw her deeply devoted clientele grow rapidly, thanks to her successful acne treatments and highly customized facials. Arthur, a well-known physician who has been serving the Highland Park community for over 35 years, adds over 20 years of laser hair removal expertise to The Park MedSpa.

When the two skincare enthusiasts decided to open The Park Med Spa, they wanted to make sure their clients were being treated in a warm atmosphere with a boutique feel while indulging them in the most advanced skin treatments available today.

One of the more popular treatments is the Acne Laser/facial treatment. Even the most stubborn acne cases have been no match for The Park Med Spa’s unique approach. Combined with an acne facial that utilizes Marina’s highly specialized treatment for surface acne, it is then followed by a laser treatment that goes deeper to the dermis and restores the skin from beneath. According to Marina, this combination yields “incredible results” and is nothing short of spectacular. “We are happy to not only achieve those results but to help people feel and look their best.”

In addition to acne treatments, The Park Med Spa also offers a variety of laser and other modalities that treat several different types of skin conditions. For instance, laser, radio-frequency, micro-needling treatments and chemical peels can boost the body’s own collagen production and stimulate new skin growth to reduce scars and imperfections and aid in skin tightening. Marina feels it is a great long-term option. More-aggressive laser resurfacing is another highly effective way to treat acne scarring and imperfections. Lasers can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Melasma, redness and even unsightly veins. The Park Med Spa also has a highly effective laser for hair removal that is virtually pain-free.

The Park Med Spa also offers sculpting massages with your facials as an anti-aging technique in addition to Botox and fillers. Also available are hydrafacials, one of Marina’s favorites for skin rejuvenation.



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