Winter can be rough, but your skin doesn’t have to be!

Say goodbye to dry winter skin with these helpful tips!

  1. HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Continue to drink the recommended amount of eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day or more to ensure you’re properly hydrated from the inside out! You’re skin is the largest organ of your body so treat it with care, dehydration will show there first!
  2. Invest in a humidifier! Depending on your houses warming system, the air will become dry and cause your face and hands to feel the difference. Avoid waking up with overwhelming dryness by having a humidifier on your bedside table. There are many options to choose from and inexpensive!
  3. Ditch hot showers! We know they are so tempting during this cold season, but they do your skin more harm than good. They can and will dry out your skin faster. Opt for a warm temperature.
  4. Lets focus on LIPS! Keep up with chapstick and other lip moisturizing products even if you don’t feel they are dry yet. Cracked lips happen fast! (Also avoid licking them at all costs, this is the worst!)
  5. Change it up! Incorporate new products into your skin care routine. For daytime try out a new hyaluronic acid serum for extra hydration power! And for night add in a thicker richer sleeping cream. If you want to keep it simple, change your moisturizer to something with a bit more powerful ingredients.
  6. Exfoliate. In order for your freshest skin to shine through, you need to slough off debris and dead skin.
  7. Visit your esthetician! We miss you and in order to gauge your skins progress or new issues we need to see it. Help us help you.
Product Spotlight
A great winter moisturizer made perfect for dry skin:

Natural plant oils, raspberry fruit, spinach leaves and grapeskin complex will provide you with not only moisture, but an intense antioxidant kick. Did we forget to mention it’s all natural and organic?!



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